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When Volunteering Turns Into a Life-Long Commitment

Cats In Tow Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. receives many volunteers ranging from high school students to retirees who prepare abandoned cats to transition to a permanent home by playing with them and showing them affection. Sometimes a bond between a cat and volunteer grows so strong that the volunteer and cat have found a life-long companion in one another.

This was the case for Jennifer and Rick’s family. When looking for volunteer opportunities after adopting two cats from another PetSmart, they were referred to the Brea PetSmart location. Here they met Judith, the founder of Cats In Tow, and learned about the services it provides. With two kids, Jennifer and Rick took this opportunity to adopt and bond as a family while providing a forever home.

Jennifer recognizes that Cats in Tow makes it easy for people to do their part in helping the endless cause of homeless cats breeding consistently. Volunteering is one form of contributing, but the main goal is to get the pets a new loving home, and Jennifer and Rick did both.

Emma was adopted first in March, and Clover was adopted in June. Jennifer and Rick knew they wanted to take Emma and Clover home from the time they spent with them volunteering at Cats In Tow. Adopters weren’t interested in Emma because she was too active, so they decided to take her in. Clover naturally grew attached to Rick, who they have learned, only likes men. Jennifer and Rick took Judith’s advice about how to help Emma adapt; the first night, they let her roam around the house, and she was extremely energetic. Jennifer and Rick appreciate how well Judith knows the cats and the guidance she provides even after the adoption process. Judith, the cats, and volunteers at Cats In Tow become a family.

“After working there, you kind of get to know their personalities, so you know what you’re in for,” says Jennifer on why volunteering is the best way to get a cat. Rick added that

as a volunteer, he gets to learn the personality of the cats, which helps Cats In Tow give accurate descriptions of the cat’s listed online. This provides potential adopters the ability to pick a cat that suits them best.

Emma and Clover fit perfectly in Jennifer and Rick’s home because they provide companionship to their kids, dog, and Rick and Jennifer. The friendly cats bring life to their home, whether it be them scavenging through Jennifer’s purse or laying on the bed with their 14-year-old son while he relaxes. They are just another example of the difference Cats in Tow can make.

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