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Tera and Her Cats Grace, Diva, and Mia

Cats in Tow holds adoption shows every Saturday and Sunday in PetSmart Brea, in hopes of finding forever homes for stray and abandoned cats. For the past seven years, Cats in Tow has cared and nurtured dozens of cats and saved many from being euthanized.

Coming from a family of animal lovers, Tera has adopted her three cats, Grace, Diva, and Mia, from Cats in Tow. She first met Judith and learned about the nonprofit in May of 2018, when she adopted her first cat, Grace, at the adoption show.

When Grace passed in August of 2019, Tera went back to Cats in Tow and adopted Diva, who was rescued from being euthanized, that same month. As a young, calm, and active cat, Tera believed she needed a companion. This led her to adopt her third cat, Mia, who was ready for adoption in October of 2019.

Tera truly believes Cats in Tow does everything they can to ensure that they and potential adopters provide the best life for the cats.

“They go the extra mile. They don’t just hurry up and do an adoption,” Tera said. “They take their time. They want to get to know you. They really do care where their kitties are going to go.”

Finding the right companion is essential. Tera advises that you must understand your lifestyle and what kind of pet you want to adopt. Often, cats are chosen by people who live busy and stressful lifestyles and want some companionship when they go home to relax. For those with a simpler lifestyle, adopting a cat can fulfill your need for a companion, as well as providing them a forever home.

Judith and her staff are always available to you, and they make an effort to stay in touch. Whatever concerns you may have or questions you want to be clarified, the Cats in Tow staff make time to answer them.

“I find them wonderful and so helpful. They’re good people,” Tera said.

No matter how stressful life gets, having a furry companion can make a drastic difference in your life. Thanks to the Cats in Tow organization, Diva and Mia have found a loving home, and Tera has found the best companions she’s been searching for.

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