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A conversation with Jamie, a Cats in Tow 3-time adopter and volunteer

Sigmund Freud, the acclaimed Australian neurologist, once said: "Time spent with cats is never wasted." Well, that has sure held true for Jamie Keirsbelk, a three-time adopter and involved volunteer at Cats In Tow Rescue and Sanctuary Inc. After sitting down with her, we learned all about her adoption journey, passion for volunteering, and advice to prospective cat owners.

Her involvement with Cats in Tow goes all the way back to 2013 when she adopted a beautiful cat that she named Jack. After a friend recommended the nonprofit to her, she visited the Brea location and fell in love with him. Jamie said, "I met him on a Wednesday, talked to Judith [The President of Cats in Tow] that night, and adopted him two days later."

Throughout the years, Jamie has continued to adopt cats through the organization, each respectively named Jack, Bentley, and Lincoln. All endured their own challenges up until being rescued. For example, Jack was found dumped in a feral property, and Bentley was found in someone's backyard with brothers and sisters. She informed us that Lincoln had spent his whole life up until January in the desert. She knows that she was able to make each of their lives better by adopting them, and in turn, they did the same for her. Jamie explained, "Some people think that cats are dumb and that they don't really do anything, but they are low maintenance and really do bond to you. They are such good little shadows."

Because Cats in Tow provided her so much happiness through her three adoptions, Jamie has spent much time giving back to the nonprofit herself. From volunteering at adoption shows to helping with potential adopter interviews and paperwork, she is one of the many volunteers that allows Cats in Tow to be so successful at pairing owners with the right cat. In our interview, she explained this matching process stating, "I like how much Cats in Tow matches up the person with the cat. Judith is very aware of each cat's temperaments and is great at matching cats to owners." Her advice for potential adopters is to "Know what you want and know what you are getting into… don't be super narrow-minded." After the adoption is complete, Cats in Tow makes sure to stay in contact and be an aid to owners throughout the entire journey of pet ownership.

Her hope for the future of the nonprofit is that it can get a more permanent location that would allow them to take in more animals. She also wants to help it create a bigger education system for the public about adoption, pet ownership, and the importance of having cats spayed. Overall, it is evident that Cats in Tow is making a difference in many animal and human lives, especially Jamie's.

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