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LUCKY, our rescued 4-year old German Shepherd, spent the week at La Palma Vet Hospital -- His first adventure was a much-needed bath. He had to get comfortable with the water as he got lathered up and soaked. He got a good rub down during the drying process. Finally, a brushing to remove the excess hair and finish the drying. Lucky was neutered, got his shots, and had his very long nails trimmed. Look at how short those nails are!! He weighs in at 88 lbs. The bonus was playtime with Boxer Alli.

LUCKY came home to a backyard camp ground complete with a rain tarp, tent, sleeping pad and bag all cozy inside his own tent! We found out a few new facts. LUCKY used to have a female German Shepherd friend to play with but sadly she had to be put to sleep due to illness. He still misses her. LUCKY needs to be in a multi-dog household so he can play with a pal(s). Family should love to be active with dogs and understand rescue dogs. We are looking for volunteers to help walk and train Lucky on the basics to prepare him for adoption. We are accepting adoption applications via email over the next 3 weeks while he prepares for adoption. text/call 714-878-1371

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