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Experience Moon Café: The first ever mobile cat café

Celebrating PetSmart National Adoption Weekend November 10, 11, and 12th, Cats In Tow Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. is bringing Moon Café to pet lovers and cat adopters on Sunday November 12 beginning 12 noon to 4:00pm. Moon Café is the first ever mobile cat café where visitors enjoy Coffee & Pastries & Adoptable Kitty Cats too!!

The CAT CAFE area is separated from the boutique area with a tempered glass door, through which you can see the cats and visitors interacting in a small cafe setting with modern decor and interactive cat furniture.

Pet lovers may enjoy the food and drinks complimentary (they cannot be sold separately) or the option of purchasing a cat cafe visit ($12), which includes a drink and a fresh-baked pastry, as well as unlimited time in the cat cafe area where Cats In Tow's Adoptable Cats will reside. Paid visit includes: 1 free cup of gourmet hot coffee, or 1 cold brew bottled coffee, or 1 Voss bottled water; 1 free gourmet pastry; 1 free Moon Cat Cafe reusable coaster and no strict time limit in the cat café.

Cat Adoption applications and interviews will be conducted as well as approved adoptions.

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