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Cats In Tow does dog rescue on a case by case basis. LUCKY is a 4-year old German Shephard who has lived isolated for 18 months in the 4 foot enclosure at the back of an over grown yard. He had tears in his eyes as he was released from his pen and loaded into the safety crate in the truck to be transported to Anaheim on Sunday, 10/29. Monday 10/30, Lucky willingly jumped into the crate in the car and went to La Palma Vet Hospital in Anaheim. He is extremely dirty and has fleas. He only got vaccines as a puppy. His nails are 2 inches long and turning under and he has a lump at the base of his tail. LUCKY is fearful of being hit (he has an old scar by his eye) but he recognized rescue. He is a hopeful, good natured, loving dog who needs help to lose fear, gain confidence, and learn basic dog behaviors - leash walking, playing, and simple commands. He is smart and willing! We will share his transformation.

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