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BABY - The Feral Cat Inigma

BABY THE FERAL CAT--The last 4 days have been consumed by focused attention on saving a feral cat named Baby. Barely 2 years old, Baby alluded regular traps and drop traps for the past 5 months. During this time she delivered her second litter (her first one all died in birth) and became pregnant with the third litter. With their delivery came complications. She asked for help but ran from Lorraine Rudolph. I joined her in trying to strategize how to catch her. For one week B...aby ran with an appendage attached to her body. We thought it was a dead kitten. She walked in circles. She drank water excessively. In distress, her kittens stayed close. Finally Lorraine and her daughter captured her using a heavy blanket dropped on her. She was too weak to fight any more. Placed in the trap, covered, and kept quiet, her kittens and sister surrounded her all night. Lorraine took her into Dr. Ash DVM University Veterinary Center (714) 551-9911 Sunday morning. The staff gave her fluids, gassed her, washed her, and cleaned over 150 maggots from inside her body. (The maggots prevented Gangerine from setting in.) Her temperature was way below normal and her blood count was so low it was hard to believe she was still alive. The “kitten” was actually her uterus pushed out of her body. X-rays revealed she had tiny dead skeletons inside her body.

On Monday -- Baby is eating as we speak so we're holding off on sedating her for a few hours just so we don't ruin a good thing. Once her appetite seems to have quieted down and she's had a chance to digest some of this food, we'll go ahead and sedate her for a quick bath (she's covered in urine) and see if we can get a manual red blood cell count from her so we can see how low it is. We were waiting to see if she could handle a blood transfusion. On Tuesday s...he crashed but quick incubation brought her back. Baby is an enigma – her will to live is strong but her body may or may not be able to regenerate to support her. BABY – (CONTD) -- We are trying to do the best for her. This is the toughest case we have ever taken on. Any immediate financial help is greatly appreciated to help Baby – $5, $10, $20 or $100 – no amount is too small it adds up! or call in credit card payments directly to UVC – 714-551-9911 Checks can be mailed to: Cats In Tow Attn: J. Serafini – P.O. Box 4595 Anaheim CA 92803-4595 Prays for the best outcome are welcomed as well. Network/Share

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