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BABY – strong willed, resourceful, a good mother and sister

BABY – strong willed, resourceful, a good mother and sister – those are the words I think of when I look at her. On the flip side – asking for help but couldn’t let her guard down to

receive it. From the moment of being faced with her physical condition versus her incredible ability to stay alive for a week against all physical odds the dilemma Lorraine Rudolph and I faced is how do we serve and honor Baby’s wishes. She lived for a week with her uterus outside her body, fil...led with maggots, and dead baby skeletons inside it. She bled so much her platelet count was near extinction but she ate to satisfy her hunger. Filled with fluids and warmed with heat bags, her breaths are labored. Her stomach is bloated as the decaying skeletons give off a deadly gas. Do we plan to give a transfusion and hope she will rally for surgery or give her peace and freedom. We decided to give her peace and freedom, recognizing her physical body did not have the resiliency to go forward. We do not regret the vet care and efforts made thus far by Dr. Ash and his staff. What we do regret is that all of this agony was preventable with a spay operation as a kitten. What we think about is how many young mother cats lost their lives and kittens’ lives in complicated deliveries and died alone under a house or by the side of a dumpster in an alley with no vet efforts. When we think of BABY today, we think SPAY/NEUTER – TNR. Please donate in her memory and to offset the vet care costs – via or via check payable to Cats In Tow Rescue & Sanctuary Attn: J Serafini P.O. Box 4595 Anaheim Ca 92803-4595 All $$ to pay off vet bill. Please Promote and Practice SPAY/NEUTER – TNR.

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