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You found a stray cat or kitten and you cannot keep it – what can you do to find he/she a home?


It has been a long, nonstop kitten season.  Plus, many pets are left behind in apartment complexes and rental homes by owners. Additionally, owners have been known to dump them in parks, school yards, or near public buildings or businesses.  It adds up, and the number of pets needing to be rehomed is more than any one rescue group can handle.  Cats In Tow is currently at and over its capacity to responsibly take care of and adopt to new pet parents. 


We hate saying “no” so we are trying to help by providing alternatives to help you help the cat or kitten:


  • Check with all family and friends to learn if anyone is looking for a cat/kitten.

  • Contact surrounding vet offices to see if they will show the cat/kitten during office hours.

  • If a pet is left behind because a relative has passed away, contact ALL the relatives neighbors and friends – someone may know the pet well enough or care enough for your relative to adopt his/her pet. 

  • Be very cautious with posting the pet or cat/kitten on Craigslist. Reptile owners can look for free kittens to feed live to snakes.

  • Animal abusers also look for “free” animals on Craigslist as well as other free posting sites.


When space at Adoption Shows is available, Cats in Tow can offer the rescuer a cage to show the cat/kitten, however, the animal MUST be vetted to PetSmart requirements:  FIV/FELV tested negative; FVRCP vaccines (by age); over 4 months Rabies required: dewormed 2x; de-flea and spay/neuter.  Microchip is recommended.  All rescued cats that are show at Adoption Shows must be kept indoors 24/7. The rescuer must come 3 weekends in a row but does not need to stay during the adoption show: Saturday 1-4:30pm; Sunday 2-4:30pm


Cats in Tow promotes spay/neuter and can help get your rescue cat/kitten spayed or neutered for no charge. Additional fees applied for pregnant or in-heat animals.  It is preferred you get this done in advance of rehoming.  Again you must follow the instructions, bring the cat/kitten to the appointment and pick it up, keeping it safe during recovery.


A new program is now available through They provide you step-by-step instructions and the exposure on-line to reach potential adopters.  Again, we promote spay/neuter in advance of rehoming your rescue to prevent homeless animals in the future.  Your adopter may not have access to no cost spay/neuter like you do.

Did you see how Rehome by and the Petco Foundation, the groundbreaking peer to peer pet adoption platform, was featured in USA Today? The news is spreading! More pets are staying out of shelters and off of Craigslist, thanks in part to animal shelters and rescues like you who are referring owners to Rehome! You can refer relinquishing owners who call you, visit your shelter or event, and even those you see posting on classifieds sites like Craigslist or Nextdoor. Just send them to and we take it from there – and we’ll send you a check for 100% of the adoption fee when the pet is adopted! You can also easily refer using custom website banners or printing the posters and flyers you’ll find in your Rehome Tool kit, just click the big blue “Refer to Rehome” button on the right side of this page.

Check out the Shelter/Rescue Rehome FAQ too!

Featured in USA Today!

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